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Naturopathic Care Membership Program

What are Concierge Services?

Concierge medicine is an agreement between the client and Dr. Carmen Jones, where the client pays an annual membership fee. In exchange Dr. Carmen Jones will provide enhanced care, including a commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient.

Community doctors are meant to take care of the community and the community takes care of the doctor. I am trying to build a community of clients in which I can provide optimal care to ensure you and your family Achieve Their Optimal Wellness. 

There are many advantages to joining the membership concierge services. As my practice grows, I will prioritize time to those who are members.

Annual Membership Includes:

  • Cell phone, text message, and online consultations

  • Comprehensive labs to follow progress

  • Bi-Monthly newsletters with recipes and topic features

  • 15 min phone/email consults a month

  • Comprehensive individual wellness and evaluations plans

  • Discounted classes and workshops

  • Personal meal planning and grocery shopping trip

  • 2 Personal biomodulator/acupuncture sessions

  • Personal Bach Flower remedy

  • Personalized homeopathic workup

  • Comprehensive evaluation of prescription and nutrient deficiencies

  • 6 visits annually additional visits available with discounted copay

  • Unhurried atmosphere

  • Online consultations

  • Convenient appointment scheduling

  • Prolonged visits

  • Access to seasonal cleanse and detoxification programs

  • Opportunities to make your family a natural first aid kit

  • An expert in natural medicine, alternative and functional medicine on your team!

Are Concierge Services for you?

  • Are you looking for disease prevention and health promotion strategies?

  • Are you looking for optimal health and addressing the root cause of symptoms?

  • Are you looking for alternative options for your healthcare?

  • Wanting access to an expert in natural medicine who can answer your questions as they arise.

  • Looking for someone to coach and guide you to your best self?

  • Want to live more fully and more authentically?

  • Looking for help to release emotions related to trauma, and reach your higher purpose and greater good?

  • My commitment to you is to always show up, give you my best work, and help you achieve your optimal wellness and your dreams.

  • In return, you bring a willingness to do the deep work required to make the amazing changes you want for health and commit to doing the work.

  • We developed our comprehensive care program to provide you with a convenient and sustainable way to invest in your health. This program was designed for those who are looking to optimize their health and/or dig into the CAUSES of their symptoms, to achieve powerful and lasting results.

  • Your commitment to this program ensures that you have a Naturopathic Medical Doctor on board throughout the year, who provide you a roadmap to success, keeping you out of pain and feeling empowered.

Achieve Your Optimal Wellness.
Dr. Carmen Jones Concierge program
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