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What illnesses do you treat?

I will focus on your total health and view your conditions and symptoms as a gauge of your body’s state of imbalance. My passion is to treat individuals and not illnesses. Illnesses are groups of symptoms, and symptoms are the body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. Therefore, focusing on symptoms is not as effective as addressing the root cause and bringing the body into balance. It is restrictive and deceiving to offer a list of conditions that I address. As an alternative, I strive to create health and lasting change by restoring communication between organ systems, improving metabolic and circulatory function and regaining biochemical balance in the body. This approach seeks optimal health, a condition in which symptoms resolve on their own.

What will my first session be like?

Your initial visit will be about 60-90min. We will discuss your medical history at length and what your concerns, expectations, and goals are for your health. We will develop a plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


  • A brief introduction to Naturopathic Medicine / Welcome

  • Review your intake forms and any associated past lab work

  • Thorough and comprehensive medical and lifestyle history

  • Review of medications and supplements that you are currently taking

  • Space for you to voice your concerns

  • Working together to achieve your health goals

  • A high level of patient responsibility

  • Caring, compassionate practitioners, open to listen to your health concern

  • Individualized comprehensive lifestyle recommendations and treatment plan

  • We want to understand the strength and challenges that lie ahead in your journey to health and how we can serve you as a unique individual

Do you take insurance?

Sorry, we do not accept insurance. Payment is accepted through cash, check, or credit card (via Paypal online or Square). A Paypal account is not required to use your credit card.

Do you sell Supplements?

Order premium vitamin supplements

We strive for the highest quality products we can find at the lowest price when selecting which products we carry. Whenever feasible and reasonably priced, we try to use vendors that have an independent lab check every batch of product to insure that it meets the label and claim and has no contaminants. Brands we carry that fall into this category are Vital Nutrients, Designs for Health, Integrative Therapeutics.

Other major brands that we carry test every batch in-house and periodically test via independent labs, but also have extensive quality control procedures to insure a high quality and effective product.

We are happy to accept phone orders for any of the products we carry for pickup or delivery via U.S. Mail. For those that prefer to order our products online. Here is access.

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