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The Power of Flowers!

The Power of Flower Essences are incredible! I love to use flower essences for several reasons I would like to share!

Flower essences are safe, natural, and a great way to address emotional imbalances. Often we get bogged down with everyday stress and emotions and they have a tendency to sneak up on us. then eventually we realize "I am down a lot of the time", or "I am feeling anxious around this person", sometimes the chronic stress because our new normal, that all we recognize is that we are tired and irritable all the time! Flower essences, may also stimulate physical healing, are used mainly to promote awareness of emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

I want to take a minute to distinguish flower essences from essential oils, and herbal tinctures.

  • Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water, that are potentiated and then stabilized in a solution of brandy and water. They contain no scent or perfume. Flower essences are very dilute preparations, only minute traces of the chemical components from the original flowers remain, making then completely safe for use.

  • Herbal tinctures are concentrated extracts of different plant parts and are commonly used to treat physical body symptoms. In fact, many of our modern medicines are synthetic versions of the extracts from plants.

  • Essential oils are very concentrated forms of plant medicine. The plant material is distilled and the oils extracted to make essential oils. Often essential oil are very aromatic and can also be helpful is stimulating healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

1. What are flower essences used for? Flower essence is the energetic vibration imprint of a

flower that has been transferred and stabilized in water. Flower essences can help us recognize, resolve, or release different conditioned ways of perceiving the world and can help us experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. By creating harmony within us, we often notice distinct changes in ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Flower essences are very effective in helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting or destructive patterns of behavior. The essences support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. They provide a language that helps us to understand our emotions and inner soul urging.

2. What happens when I use flower essences? As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, and limitations and disharmony begin to change. It is not necessary to believe in them to experience their beneficial effects. They’ve been used successfully not only with adults and children, but also with animals and plants. Flower essences do not overwhelm or force something to happen. They do, however, help us become conscious of things that are already happening within ourselves. As a result, sometimes we may have an awareness with which we are uncomfortable.

The essences effect a shift in consciousness, and each person may experience the effects differently. To recognize how they are working, it is necessary to observe our inner state. The more attuned we are to our inner life, the easier it is to recognize the flower essence’s effects. A balance between self-contemplation and feedback from trusted family members and friends or holistic life coach is helpful to show us the changes that happened. Writing in a journal about our experiences can create clarity about the essences’ effects. You can use Flower essences in several ways. I often recommend them to folks, who need the emotional support and are on medications and are worried about interactions. I also find it works well for folks that do not want to explore prescriptions and are looking for something natural and safe. Flower essences is a great for all walks of life from babies to grandparents, and even pets!

You can use this therapy by itself or along side naturopathic care and supplementation.

How are flower essences used? Flower essences can be used in a number of ways. The most common way is to take them orally, four drops, four times a day. Our experience shows that it is not necessary to take them internally. They can also be used by adding five to seven drops in a plant sprayer bottle and misting a room or our bodies. You can also add a few drops to the bath, spray clothes before ironing them, or spray your pillow before sleeping. What is important to remember is that they are a vibration essence, and surrounding yourself with them, inside or outside, is the best way to experience their effects.

How long do I need to take a flower essence? We have found that there is usually a definite cycle period in taking a flower essence. A normal cycle is usually two to four weeks. Some folks may need to take an essence for a shorter period while others may need t use an essence for several months. If you want to increase their effects, use them more often rather than more drops each time. Persons usually like to take them more frequently at first, then find themselves tapering off as they near the end of the cycle. At the end of a cycle, they may forget to take them altogether, and this is normal.

Can I use flower essences together with other healing modalities? Flower essences can be used on their own or in conjunction with other therapies to enhance a healing process. They have been used with great success by flower essence practitioners, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, veterinarians, and other health care practitioners. The essences can be an extremely effective tool in the hands of an experienced practitioner to enhance awareness, facilitate healing and create harmony. While it is helpful to have the assistance and insight of someone of wide experience while using them, the essences can also be a great personal support for those inspired to follow their own instincts in essence selection. Since flower essences are safe and have no negative side effects, they can be used with confidence by beginners and experienced users alike. They are an excellent aid for those desiring to take responsibility for their own well-being.

Since flower essences are safe and have no negative side effects, they can be used with confidence by beginners and experienced users alike.

If you'd like to try Flower Essences, I can make you a personalized formula!

Once ordered, I will send you an online form to fill out, to choose which flowers you'd like to try first.

Here are some examples:

Feeling traumatized by your own anxiety? I’m increasingly hearing this from people in lots of different contexts telling me they no longer want to read or listen to the news. For example, eco-anxiety is a term now being used to describe the emotional reactions to climate change. More therapists are actively discussing how they can best support their clients to cope with what is seen as a normal response to a significant series of threats. A recent study by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy found that climate anxiety has had a negative effect on the mental health of 55% of people of all ages. When we feel deeply upset for an ongoing period of time, the nature of our personality will inform how we react. Some will swallow their emotional pain, or perhaps shout from the rooftops, or be galvanized into action or head for the hills… However you react, that anxiety and any associated feelings of trauma may well be part of your picture. While one or more of the fear group remedies (Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose) might be indicated as well as Walnut, an important remedy to add to your personal mix would be Star of Bethlehem. For trauma, whether current, recent or long ago. It will help bring inner calm and peace of mind.

Intuition. How much do you trust yours? Cerato can be needed when we don’t listen to the inner voice, those nudges from the soul, ignoring the signs or symbols that keep popping up unexpectedly, telling us the same thing…

Cerato looks for certainty and yet is being driven by an underlying lack of self-belief, so it is perhaps unsurprising that seeking answers from others becomes a way of being. Which then of course, reinforces the script that it’s not possible to be self-confident in making your own decisions without input from the people in your life. Even though after the decision is taken there will be that inner voice saying, I knew this already, or I should have done what I first thought I should do.

While intuition is commonly associated with Cerato, it’s not the only flower essence to helps us learn to listen to inner guidance. The Flower Essence system enables us to build that dialogue and balance between soul and personality, and when we are in a more harmonious state we are more likely to be more attuned to hearing our intuition and being attentive to what presents itself to us.

For example, I’ve been Clematis and Impatiens at times and in a disconnected hurry, hearing the inner voice and yet telling it on more than one occasion, ‘yes, yes, ok, ok, I’m just going to do x or y and then I’ll listen, make myself a mix, draw breath….’ I’ve found that if I don’t listen the first time, I hear it a second time, and when I acknowledge that and still ignore the third time then I’d end up having an accident which physically forces me to stop, to really listen to my soul, and to follow through accordingly. Which has usually meant having to take the (slow) time recovering from some sort of physical injury and being present to my body. Needless to say additional Bach flowers are used then too!


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