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Why I love to host retreats

I work with everyone to explore and find the root cause of an illness or set of symptoms, and then we begin to identify all the obstacles to cure. When we want to stimulate healing in the body, we have to look at the entire person, which includes not only their physical body, but also their mind-body. The physical affects of our emotions, mental health, and thoughts are often overlooked or ignored when it comes to addressing physical symptoms.

We cannot be in optimal health if we only address the physical body and don't explore the mind body connection, EVEN IF IT'S MESSY.

I love retreats because this gives us an opportunity for immersion into an intimate empowering setting to address our beliefs, personal fears, obstacles, AND begin healing our mind-body connection for optimal wellness and health. When we begin to dig deeper and lean into our lives, we can see profound healing in our body.

I've partnered with an amazing Success Coach, Kim Owens, to help lead this next retreat. Our goals are to help women explore what is holding you back and how to bust through those barriers to be the best version of yourself!

If you're like me, I often have times of negative self talk, insecurities, sense of being overwhelmed with an inability to move forward with things. This retreat is meant to help you overcome these obstacles that often get in the way and allow us to make excuses. We will delve into different techniques, exercises, and tools to assist us on our journey to better health.

I love the retreat setting, because of the small group dynamics, that's why we've limited the retreat to 10 women. This gives us time to explore our needs as a group, and some time for individual support as needed. In this setting, we can explore together how to find that motivation, silence that little voice, and support each other to better health, and develop a community. We are all unique individuals, and sometimes it seems more than coincidental to see how similar our paths and journey in this world are.

Ultimately, this retreat gives us a chance to explore or immerse ourselves in practicing and doing things like breathe work, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture to explore our blockages and motivate us. We will have hands on workshops to dig deep, explore our beliefs, understand our obstacles to cure and begin steps to your OPTIMAL WELLNESS.

So, I invite you to join us for this exciting weekend to come as you are and explore your health and be involved in your journey to better health!

I'd love to answer any questions you might have about the retreat or logistics, so shoot me a message or give me a call.

The Details about the retreat:

This is an all-inclusive experience the $997.00 registration fee covers housing, meals, and content. During free time if you choose to do excursions, those are not included in your registration.

The retreat is October 4-7th, 2019 in gorgeous Northeastern Oklahoma.

We are super excited to announce we now have a payment plan option. (There is a one time $5 fee for recurring payments) You have the option to pay in full or make 3 payments. We are also offering a 10% group discount when you and 3 or more of your girlfriends register at the same time (all four or more must register the same day to receive the discount).


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