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Fall is right around the corner, what can you do to protect yourself and family from the flu?

With Labor Day upon us, fall is just around the corner. Fall is my favorite time of year, it brings us cooler temperatures, changing of the leaves, start of fall crops, and pumpkins! As the weather changes, we need to begin thinking about how we can support our immune system and protect ourselves from the common cold and flu viruses that creep up during the cooler winter months.

Ever wonder if there are natural alternatives to the flu shot? Well I'm happy to share with you that there are, and I am making it available to you! Flu fighters!

Flu Fighters are a homeopathic preparation used to prepare the body if you come in contact with the flu virus, support your body during flu season, and build natural resistance against cold & flu viruses and symptoms.

So, a quick introduction to homeopathy to help understand how this product works. Homeopathy is a natural remedy that uses the the concept of "like cures like", which means the diseased state of the individual is similar to the symptoms produced by the original medicine. The homeopathic remedy is a very diluted form of the original sample, so that it is essentially non-existent amounts of the original virus strains.

The unique preparation of these remedies is made to help stimulate the body's ability to heal. So the Flu Fighter is preparing your body for the change in temperatures and the possibility of the exposure to the flu virus this winter.

Since we are preparing your body, this remedy is taken to prevent the flu similarly to the conventional flu shot. The Flu Fighter recommended dosing is 1 dropper full once a week every week through the winter months for the best results. This is a natural and chemical free remedy to help support your immune system and prevent the flu!

I'd like to purchase the Flu Fighter!

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