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30 Day Detox Spring Reset Program

Guided Cleanse and Detox Program

This program will support your detoxification pathways in your body if you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, or to take one step slower to your optimal health.

This package is VALUE packed! You get:

  • 30-page ebook guide to our detox plan

  • Supplements for 30 days

  • Support through our private Facebook group

  • Weekly videos and Facebook live

  • Personal support from a Naturopathic MD and Life Coach!

  • All of this for only $298.00!! You can't get a plan like this anywhere else for that value.

  • Just image feeling healthier, stronger, more energized and at the end of the 30 days better diet habits a home that is free of toxins and a skinnier happier body!

A closer look at our detoxification system – our body’s unique design allows us to come in contact with known and unknown toxicants and metabolizes or clears those substances from our body, so they do not cause harm. Often folks get the inkling to clean house during the change of seasons, spring cleaning, well our body is always trying to clean house for it to be efficient.

The body does a pretty good job, but there are things that often cause this clearing process to get backed up a bit. Our biggest players in the detoxification system is the liver, digestive system, and lymph. If for some reason our liver is a bit sluggish, then we reduce our effectiveness as detoxing.

If we think of our detox system like a sink or bathtub, and the liver, lymph, and digestive system as the drain, then whatever we put in, needs to come out the drain. If it becomes backed up, then the sink will overflow.


What causes the drain to get back up is the increased exposure to environmental toxicants, poor diets, poor digestion, liver damage or infections, fatty liver or weight gain. So when we experience symptoms it is our body’s way of letting us know it needs a little extra support.  Let’s identify what symptoms you are experiencing that may be due to an overload of your body’s toxic burden.

Are you still not sure whether toxin overload is the cause of your sluggishness, weight gain, and premature aging? Take this quiz to find out.

___Abdominal Cramping



___Brain Fog

___Chemical Sensitvity (Laundry soap, air fresheners, perfumes)

___Chronic Mucus/ Stuffy nose



___Dark circles under your eyes

___Decreased Sense of Smell



___Food Cravings

___Gas and Bloating

___Headaches / Migraines

___Hormone imbalances

___Inability to lose weight

___Joint Pain / Arthritis


___Muscle Pain


___Skin rashes (Psoriasis/ Eczema)

___Sleep Disorders

Detox Program: Service

Meet Our Team

Detox Program: Product

Dr. Carmen Jones

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Carmen's approach is holisitic and works towards stimulating your body's innate ability to heal itself!

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Coach Kim Owens

I have been a coach and motivator my whole life. Sharing life lessons, being real, honest and raw. My aim is to help others live the lives their hearts are yearning for as you journey to become the best and healthiest version of you

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